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Golden. Rare. Precious.

Kruger takes its name from the Krugerrand, a rare gold coin minted in South Africa and named for the country’s first president. It is an opulent and exclusive perfume that evokes the intense, elemental character of nature’s most precious metal, crafted expertly from intertwining strands of spice, rose and amber.

Like a gold coin thrown into the air, Kruger catches the light. As it turns, it flickers and gleams, attracting dazzling beams in intensely golden shades. Flashes of pink pepper and bergamot in the top notes create an iridescent effect that catches the eye and makes a bold statement. Its heart is a plush ode to roses, where velvety red petals carry deep, bronze veins of glowing saffron - a rare and precious spice worth its weight in gold.

Kruger radiates with warmth and its lustre is enriched by a glowing base of intense amber. Luscious and lavish notes of tonka bean, vanilla and sandalwood amplify its brilliance and call to mind the smooth, flawless surface of gold bullion, enveloping the wearer in a soft aura that is exotic and comforting. Kruger is a luxurious and distinct perfume that showcases flawless raw materials through the unique brilliance of gold.


Bergamot, Baies Rose


Rose Oil Turkish, Rose Abs Turkish, Saffron, Patchouli Heart, Papyrus


Creamy Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bourbon, White Musks, Amber


Kruger Olfactory Family: Oriental
Kruger Perfumer: Jean Charles Mignon


Kruger Parfum Travel Size Available

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