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Cavernous. Opulent. Gilded.

Egoli draws its name from the Zulu word for Johannesburg, meaning ‘place of gold’. It honours the city’s history and growth from a small gold mining settlement into the wealthiest city on the continent. Egoli is a modern exploration of Oud - the prized resin known as liquid gold - extravagantly dosed and in perfect harmony with the rich balsamic sweetness of resins.

Housed in a bottle inspired by gold gleaming from the rocks of the Witwatersrand region, Egoli creates an instant impression of golden light. Opening with a profusion of honey-like gurjum resin and glowing amber, set against a jolt of sweet orange. A soft and subtle touch of white floralcy extends this luminous sensation into the heart. Laotian Oud is explored in all its facets: intensely smoky, surprisingly fruity and animalic. An abundance of earthy vetiver and smooth cedar provide depth and form.

Egoli takes traditional materials and combines them in a contemporary way, resulting in a plush and glistening fragrance.


Bulgarian Lavender, Brazilian Orange, Tuberose & Indian Jasmine Sambac


Gurjum, Cedar from Atlas, Patchouli from Singapore & Amber


Haitian Vetiver, Oud Buaya from Laos & Musk

Egoli Olfactory Family: Oud
Egoli Perfumer: Chris Maurice


Egoli Parfum Travel Size Available

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