Aqualis exists as the equilibrium between perfume (Aqua) and the self (Qualis), where the wearer and their experiences merge with a scent to create something entirely unique.

Our focus is to create modern, intriguing perfumes of extraordinary quality, where the raw materials are the vessels for your experiences.  We make perfumes that are the backdrop to your life - that enhance moments, both the important and the everyday.


Aqualis was founded by Steyn Grobler, a South African native who has adopted London as his home.  Having graduated with an MSc in Business Management, Steyn has spent his entire career in the luxury world.  Over the last decade he has worked extensively with a number of contemporary niche fragrance brands, both in business management and fragrance development. Looking to follow his own creative path, Steyn founded Aqualis in 2015, bringing his experience and unique perspective to the world of olfaction.

Aqualis’ collection of fragrances was designed to showcase the beauty of exceptional raw materials through modern perfume compositions. In collaboration with Robertet, a world leader in the supply of perfumery materials and the composition of fragrance, Aqualis has crafted unique and intense fragrances of expert quality. Utilising the decades of expertise Robertet has to offer, Aqualis has created a versatile collection of fragrances that subvert one’s expectations of what perfume is and can be.

Like any accessory, Aqualis fragrances are essential elements in any wardrobe, providing beautiful, contemporary olfactory canvases that are finished with the personalities and experiences of those who wear them.  We create the fragrances and you bring them to life.