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Crystalline. Ozonic. Aerodynamic.

Inspired by the free flight of exotic birds over the ocean, Brenton recreates the rush of air that curves around soaring bodies as they duck and dive through the sky. Painting an olfactory picture of Brenton on Sea, South Africa, this uniquely ozonic parfum captures the freshness of both sea and sky meeting on the horizon.

Dazzling citrus notes flutter on a cool breeze laden with salty droplets of ocean water, creating a signature that is invigorating and clear. As Brenton unfurls on the skin, it radiates with the brilliant light of orange blossom, evoking golden sunlight hitting the crest of the waves at sunset – shimmering, dancing and glittering. With time, it embodies a rich, multi-faceted texture with the smooth base of vanilla, cedarwood and musk providing a soft place to land. Brenton forges a sense of clarity, inspiring the freedom to dive into the unknown, allowing the air to lead the way.


Mandarin, Bergamot, Sea Salt


Orange Blossom, Geranium


Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk

Brenton Olfactory Family: Marine Aquatic
Brenton Perfumer: Jean Charles Mignon


Brenton Parfum Travel Size Available

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