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Blazing. Intrepid. Expansive.

Kalahari is an olfactory exploration of one of Namibia’s most striking and rugged landscapes. A fiery core of rose absolute pays homage to the blazing ruby sands of the Kalahari Desert.

The smoky roots of vetiver and rich tar of leather, paint the image of a glowing campfire amongst the scarlet grains that burn under the African sun, and the suede-clad wanderers who sit beside it, basking in the warmth of native woods and their flaming saffron embers.

With a drop of rum and a twist of raspberry, Kalahari Extrait contains a fleeting hint of the Brandy Bush tree - a symbol of the tenacity of humans existing in nature and the thirst for exploration - enveloped by a plush air of hazy labdanum and vanilla, creating a visceral fragrant experience as breathtaking as this most wondrous of places.


Saffron, Raspberry, Hint of Rum


Smoky Vetiver, Rose Absolute, Incense Oil


Cedarwood Oil, Labdanum, Benzoin, Tonka Bean, Leather, Vanilla Bourbon

Kalahari Olfactory Family: Woody Oriental
Kalahari Perfumer: Florian Gallo


KALAHARI 50ml Parfum

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